Anna Maria Island, FL

This past week Matt and I joined his family for some much needed time away from the cold midwest! Most times, when I vacation to Florida, it is to Sanibel Island, so it was fun to explore another gulf coast island. Anna Maria is such a fun little spot with plenty to see and do!

We ended up renting paddle boards and tandem bikes to use and they sure did get their use! Paddle boarding on the ocean was amazing – especially because the water was very calm and the temperature was definitely bearable! We also tandem biked — a LOT! Matt being the active energizer bunny he is, biked us around the whole island…literally. My favorite was getting to see Bean Point which is at the northern most point of the island and the beach there is to die for. Why go to Mexico when you can get white sand beaches right here in the US!?

I told myself to take LOTS of photos and I did, but mostly of landscape and beauty of the island. I just couldn’t get over how beautiful golden hours were at the beach – No two sunsets were the same!

Here are some snapshots of our trip, mainly for my documenting purposes 😉

Did sneak a few shots in of Matt and I – also, I’m wearing neon colors?! Who am I!! lol
Family <3

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