2020: a year in review

Today I got up, snuck into my comfy Christmas jammies, made a nice cup of coffee and sat on the couch listening to Christmas Music – It was a great moment of reflection and contentment.
2020 was a hard year filled with loss and trials but on the flip side, also filled with silver linings and and happy times. And amongst it all, I found myself wishing I could slow down time (yes, even 2020!!). It slips away from us all, doesn’t it?
I have to remind myself often, even when we are knee deep in trials and tribulations, to be present. Soak in every moment; hard and happy.

2020 was a great reminder of this; slow down and take time to be present. The year started off with a loss of our family dog which hit me very hard (and still does some days) but the months to follow provided many times of joy and merriment.
With the promise of a clean slate on the horizon, this morning I can’t help but feel a bit of sadness of another year/chapter closing in my life but hopeful about the lingering moments of joy to come in the future.

So let us all take the lesson provided to us in 2020 and carry an optimistic mindset and a present self and heart into 2021. I am choosing to reflect on 2020 with a content heart knowing that this was all part of the Lord’s plan.

Some moments of 2020 – another reminder going into 2021: I need to take more personal photos!!

The day we said goodbye to our beautiful girl, Sydney – June 16, 2020
Springtime in Wisconsin
Exploring Devil’s Lake with Matt
Summer fields <3
One of my favorites from our yearly trip to Northern Wisconsin over 4th of July
Fall arrival

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