As I sat down to pull up our trip photos from last fall, a million memories came flooding back. That’s the beautiful thing about photos – not only are you capturing places and times you want to remember but seeing them puts me right back into the past – It’s such a cool feeling!

That being said, one thing this trip taught me is that I am not good at taking photos while I’m on vacation! It’s so weird but I tend to live more so in the moment when taking photos for myself. I feel like I could have taken more photos but I’m so glad at the ones we did take.

At the beginning of the summer when Matt and I were planning our trip, we were torn between the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast. We really wanted to do both places but since we were leaning more towards a road trip, the East Coast made more sense. We also planned to bring our bikes so we could use them along our journey on trails and in towns! I will tell you, my bike got more miles this trip than in its entire life with me lol.

After we decided on the East Coast, Matt and I wanted to split our trip into two parts; North Carolina (Asheville) to see the Biltmore and South Carolina (Charleston). I also wanted to get our photos done while on our trip in Charleston so we ended up booking with Renee Lemaire Photography which was a big highlight. The first half of our trip was nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains and the second part was amongst the beaches and charmed streets of Charleston ( I could have easily spent another week in Charleston – so many things to see and experience). Both places are so different and offer such unique experiences! However, I am a beach girl at heart so Charleston struck a chord with me 🙂

The driving part took us about 15 hours from our house in Wisconsin. On our last day, we woke up really early, left from Charleston and drove straight through all the way home. 15 hours, only 2 stops!! We both were impressed with the strength of our bladders haha!

Vacation is so worth it and such a blast but there was nothing like coming home to a warm, familiar house full of your smells after long week of exploring with your best friend.

Here’s to many more trips!!

Highlight of our trip for me was staying at Zero George. I mean it’s straight out of a magazine!!

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